Elderly ,child and disabled floor curling racing nation day cup


Second session floor curling disabled racing fun cup


First session floor curling fun cup



Hand-eye coordination 

The floor curling procedure seems easy, each launching of curl require to send message to cerebrum .After constantly of practise at launching the curling, can enhance the eye-hand coordination, advance the body and cerebrum coordination and be just perfect.

Hand foot coordination 

The floor curling have a lot of launching method, you can stand or sit or and push the curl, you also can and use the single hand to push the curl, moreover you can push and instead of using your hand.Each time of push the curl can enhance the balancing of body. Hand foot coordination, push the curl into the centre .after practise, can enhance cerebrum and body, establish a connection. 


Floor curing need to be highly concentrate and aiming the centre, put the curl into the scoring circle, at the same time you can knock out enemy curl. The body strength, direction. And action also technical. Each of launching the curl need to be scrupulous consider. So each launching curl should be fully concentrate. Keep concentrate In every repetitive competition, winning the game.


During the floor curling sport, thinking and techniques are also important, stimulate hand and foot nerve connection. Feeble can become stronger throughout playing sport. Floor curling winner is hard to decide until the last second, If your curl still in the centre before one second, become the winner soon, maybe the next second will knock out by the opponent, become the loser, very exciting, make blood boil.

Release stress

We can meet many new friends through floor curling sports, boost the social activity and public joining, teammates can fully concentrate into the floor curling competition, relax your body, improve mood, release the stress of work and life during floor curling.


It will affect the result on each pushing curl, any carelessness can cause knock out teammate curl .So communicating is important through teammates, practice communication skills during practice, improve communication and team working.

Our concept :

Up to 2021 inside Hong Kong 7.5million population, 2million are elderly, disabled, mental retardation and chronic approximately. Floor curling is a no matter body disabled even visual disorder . Eldery and child can join same activity. We hope that we can let disabled can have a communication and interaction during the sports. Enhance their self confident, physical training . Reach the helping others and self-helping concepts, increase the public concern with the disabled, get along with healthy and disabled.

Floor curling is a long -term development to get along healthy and disabled child and elderly items .Converge different classes of people enjoy the happiness in the sport.

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